Sitecore Azure – Azure Publishing File

The Sitecore Azure module requires an Azure Publishing file to authenticate and establish a connection to the correct Azure account. Microsoft has changed the format of the Azure Publishing Settings file. The new *.publishingsettings file uses a new schema version 2.0 now, which Sitecore Azure 7.2 or lower cannot parse properly.

The *.publishingsettings file needs to be changed from schema version 2.0 to 1.0 for the Sitecore Azure module to work, this can be done by following these steps:.

  • moving the “ManagementCertificate” attribute from the “Subscription” element to the “PublishProfile” one
  • remove the “SchemaVersion” attribute from the file
  • save and the file is now usable by Sitecore Azure module

Additionally the URL for the Azure PublishSetting file has moved and the “link” on the Azure module “Install management certificate” dialog is incorrect now.  The publishing setting file can be downloaded from here now:


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